The members of the league would like to thank
Coors Light and the Verrastro Family for their
generous and continuing support
Welcome to the Official Site of
The  Scranton Pool League

Our league evolved out of players from four local
taverns getting together for a summer tournament,
to become the largest non-profit sports league in the
State of Pennsylvania

Our league is made up of teams from 28 local
sports bars, social clubs, pub & eateries, and good
old fashioned neighborhood taverns
nInterested in shooting pool? Want to join a league but not sure which one? Here's your options in our area,.....

TAP and APA require membership fees and both run a minimum of 16 weeks each session.
TAP: costs $20.00 a year to join, and $6.00 a night to play, $116.00!
APA: costs $25.00 a year to join and $7.00 a night to play, $137.00!
$0.00 a year to join, and $7.00 a night to play, $98.00!
TAP league offers you a “chance” that you might make it to Vegas, after you play and complete 3, 16week sessions. (total cost
$308.00) if you’re lucky.  If you are not the “winning” team, you get NOTHING.

APA has basically the same format, total cost over $360.00! And again, if you are not one of the few "winning" teams, you go home

Scranton Pool League (SPL ) has been around since 1972. Our season starts close to Labor Day, and runs 13 weeks to just before
Thanksgiving. Play resumes in early January and runs 14 weeks, till the end of April.
At the end of each session, SPL puts on a slammer of a party for ALL of its members. At the midseason point, SPL hosts a sit-down
dinner at one of the area’s premier catering facilities with almost 6 hours of open bar, big name entertainment like M-80, Daddy-O
and the Sax Maniacs, Picture Perfect, Tommy Guns Band, just to name a few. We also give away thousands of dollars in merchandise
for door prizes!

During the summer break, we host a second party, the most fun you’ll ever have with your clothes on, our annual Clam Bake! This is
an all day event, starts 9 in the morning, and runs all day till 7 at night. Start off with breakfast, eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes. For
lunch, there is a whole roasted pig, a quarter steer on a BBQ pit, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, pork chops, cold and hot salads, as
much as you can eat, and more then you’ll ever want. And beer, did I mention beer? We are sponsored by one of the largest brewers
in the world, Coors! We end the day with a bag of clams, half a chicken, corn on the cob, and there’s always desert! Food and beer
are just part of what happens at the Bake; here we also give out a few thousand dollars in cash and prizes. And have live music from
some of the areas best bands like Old Friends, Invisible Swordsmen, and the house band from Mountain Sky.

Sound like a great time? … You bet it is! But here’s the best part, it’s FREE! Free to ALL of our members! No matter where you
finished, first place, or dead last, you WIN! Remember, very few of us are going to make it to the Pro Billiard tour, if any at all. So
why not come out and join a league that puts it’s players first? Those other leagues are for profit, it’s about how much money they
can make and keep for themselves. SPL is a non profit league, one of the largest in Pennsylvania! We put the players first! It's about
having a good time, with good friends. Come out and shoot with us!